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Mizutama-Lepputai & $10
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"Miz10" is just our love!

"Miz10" stands for "Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10".

Both "Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10" are names of
a pair as Japanese entertainers or performers.
"Paradise Project" named our webpage, which is written
about "Mizutama-Repputai" and "$10" as Miz10.

"Miztama-Lepputai" and "$10" are entertainers or
performers with possibilities mainly in JAPAN.
Maybe they are making people laugh now.

Appearing usually on respectively stages, they sometimes
unite to play an especial show on stage. We love their
individually; moreover, we love the team they unite.
They have long and wide experience in dancing and have the warmest heart to dance.
"Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10" will make revolution as "THE GEAR TRANCE 4".
To a regrettable thing, "THE GEAR TRANCE 4" is suspending now.
This dance unit has great possibilities to grow on us to a genuine entertainment unit
beyond the present situation.

Since 1999, "Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10" has united a dance and comic team named
"THE GEAR TRANCE 4". The team will have been playing their own entertainment show and
driving paradigm shift in Japanese entertainment show!

There is a long distance between Japanese comedy show and Japanese common dance revue.
In such Japanese culture, they make dance unit "THE GEAR TRANCE 4" and show us a new
Japanese entertainment world.

The next page's contents feature Japanese folk entertainment and Miz10
who are entertainers or performers with possibilities mainly in Tokyo and Osaka,JAPAN.
And we'll introduce "Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10".

After what we've introduced "Mizutama-Lepputai" and "$10" in previous contents,
if you are interested in them, you can get their events' information (written in Japanese).
Let's go with us to the wonderful Miz10 world!

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